We’re a team of guys who have “miles on the clock” and “deep scars in our backs” from running a variety of businesses in manufacturing, distribution and technology sectors over the last 25 years.

We know the daily challenges you face growing a successful business and we have now worked with over 100 businesses since opening in 2009, implementing change that has increased sales and profits for our client companies. We’ve probably seen it all, but so have you.

We’re not in the advice game, or the report writing game. Talk is fine – for a while, but then there must be action.

We sort out those problems in business that you the owner can never get to. The problems that won’t go away, the decisions that are always put on the long finger.

In short we give you senior level expertise that will take the responsibility for implementing the necessary change, taking some of the load off your “To-Do” list so that it goes to “The-Done” list.

If the time is right for you and you want things done, then give us a call 059-91-00440