You’re probably here because you’re deep in the trenches:

  • Through no fault of your own
  • Not sure how to get out
  • Need to Refocus, Reboot and Restart
  • Need some help to Refocus, Reboot and Restart

You are in the right place

We are open and ready to Troubleshoot!

Some of the Trouble we Fix


    • What does your Sales team really do?
    • Are the figures reflecting their work?
    • Are the figures correct?


    • Inventory Management
    • Stock control
    • People management
    • Business goals
    • Long-term strategy
    • KPI’s
    • Processes and procedures


    • You’re not getting the numbers you need
    • Do your financial reports make sense?
    • Does your cash flow issues constantly worry you?


    • Do you have the right people in the right job?
    • Do you know who the leaders are in your business?
    • Who can you rely on to drive your business forward?


We get in a room with you and the key members of your team, and we thrash out a plan of action.

We find out where ‘the bodies are buried’ and what’s getting in the way of progress.

We map out the route to success for your business, then get to work making it happen

Then we line up the crosshairs and…bang!

We’re not consultants, we’re Troubleshooters!

Of course, you’ve had plans before, but this isn’t so much about the plan, this is about the execution.

Mostly, you can’t execute because it’s messy, you’re stretched to breaking point and you just can’t get to it.

We fix that. We embed in your business, work with you and your people to blast through the bullshit.

We identify, isolate and eliminate the trouble in your business.

If you’ve got trouble in your business, we’ll fix it.

You struggle to get a handle because you can’t get accurate numbers that you can trust.
Your employees probably aren’t happy.
Managing your sales team is a pain in the arse. It’s causing you stress. You are losing sleep.
You’re not making enough money. You’re feeling burned out, frustrated, distracted.
You’re always busy, but nothing is getting better.
You feel alone and nobody really gets how ridiculously hard your job is.

Bottom Line – Things WILL get fixed!

Need some confidence that we are the right people for the job?

Here you go…

“Through a straightforward and business-like engagement process, they quickly understood our needs. This has given us a single-minded approach and sense of direction that we would otherwise have struggled to find. We continue to work with The Business Troubleshooters because we are confident that the partnership will drive ECI Lighting to a stronger position in the years ahead”.

Gary Dwyer, Finance Director, ECI Lighting

“The gig turned out to be something quite different from what we had envisaged, requiring resources that we would struggle to name. It was intense, challenging, and rarely less than God-awful”

“There was no script for what we had to do, and we had to react as we went along, and through it all you were there, always good humoured, ever helpful and always able to find that elusive ray of sunshine. There is a distance to go yet for the company, but together we were able to identify the three or four major issues which will, when fully worked through, transform its fortunes beyond recognition”
“For all of that, I cannot thank you enough”.

Mick McAleese, Chairman, Sliderobes Group Ltd.

“We were bogged down in day-to-day business activities and couldn’t see the wood from the trees. It was towards the end of the recession and we needed someone to bounce ideas off and to stand back and view our business including the direction it was going. Luckily we were introduced to the ‘Trouble Shooters’, who understood exactly what we wanted and pointed us in the right direction. Thankfully we haven’t looked back since and I often think of those meetings as a turning point. When people comment positively on our business I often think how fortunate we were that we engaged with the lads.

Aidan O’Reilly, Managing Director, Medray 


Ready to straighten shit out in your business?
Ready to have that conversation you’ve been avoiding?
Ready for real-time results that will change things for good?
You can keep reading this website (or other websites) or you can get on the phone and call us now!

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