Are there parts of your business that aren’t working and causing you stress and sleepless nights? We can fix it!

Who We Are

The Business Troubleshooters are a bunch of "grey hairs" who have figured out how to identify and eliminate the pain and frustration of the daily grind that owner managers continuously face. We work with owners of progressive companies who are frustrated and maybe paralysed by the neverending distractions of poor cash-flow, slow sales, too much stock, HR issues or the lack of procedures or processes.

What We Do

Our approach is straightforward.

  • We get you in a room with your management team and pull a plan together.
  • We interview all your staff, ‘cause they know "where all the bodies are buried", what’s getting in the way of progress and maybe you haven’t had the time to listen to them with all the things hanging out of you.
  • We then crunch a pile of your data and create a picture that gives a real story of the full potential of your business.

Who Do We Work For?

We work for the MD’s  of Manufacturing and Distributor type businesses typically with annual revenues of €5m and around 30 employees.

Why Work With Us

We are not just "Talkers". We roll up our sleeves and deliver the necessary systems and structures that drive growth and profitability. We are straight talking, no-nonsense experts in what we do. We focus on action, results and solving problems.

If there was one thing you could do right now that would have the single greatest impact for good for your business what would that be?

What Our Clients Say

The Business Troubleshooters have provided us with a business strategy that has given our company a springboard to achieving our goals into the future. Through a simple, friendly and practical engagement process, they quickly understood our needs and have given us a focus and sense of direction that we would otherwise have struggled to find. We will continue to work with The Business Troubleshooters and we are confident that the partnership will bring ECI Lighting to a much better place in the years ahead.

Gary Dwyer, Financial Controller ECI Lighting Ltd.