18% of your employees are working on the wrong things and why you should care?

18% of your employees are working on the wrong things and why you should care?

Here at The Business Troubleshooters we are great believers in making sure that your workforce are working on the right things. In our own analysis we have discovered that 18% of your employees daily activities are working on the wrong things, and that it only takes a 3% improvement by each employee doing the right things will grow your business by an astonishing 21%.

So you can imagine that when we came across this article on https://irishtechnews.ie/new-research-finds-ireland-has-most-productive-workforce-in-the-world/ we had to scratch our heads a bit as it went to state “that the Irish workforce spends 94.7% of time at work productively”. Based on the way your business works does this make business sense to you?

It also suggests that our own data is wrong, but on reading the article further it states that this “Productivity percentage is calculated based on the amount of time spent using productive applications while at the computer, compared to unproductive applications”.

So, this helped us better understand the report, because what about those in your workforce who are NOT working with computer applications ALL DAY. Think of your Warehouse Personnel, your Sales Team, your Service Engineers and also your Production Staff, does this level of work productivity also apply to them?

As we have said above our own numbers leads us to a very different conclusion and most importantly we’ve found that a 3% improvement by each employee working on the critical things will grow your business by 21%?

We’ve worked on a number of projects where we identified how employees can be more effective by doing the RIGHT THINGS every day and when implemented will deliver immediate impact with sustained results. Here is an example at one of our customers:

We recently carried out a process mapping exercise with a client’s delivery team, understanding what they did and then applied our Seven Rules to make them more effective. Using our Seven Rules we helped the client make changes to TWO of their core processes resulting in a release of 30 minutes additional productivity per employee per day. That’s a 6% productivity gain per employee with just TWO small improvements.

Try Out Our 7 Rules Yourself
This will sound easy, but it works in any department of your business. It is simple, BUT it must be done consistently, day-in, day-out:

1) Don’t try to fix it all, that’s just too big a task
2) Identify that one thing you want to improve
3) Bring the relevant team into a room, be it sales, operations, finance, etc.
4) Map out how the team do the process today, that’s called the “As-Is”
5) Highlight the unnecessary, unproductive activities
6) Work with your team to redesign and improve the process, that’s called the “To-Be”
7) Implement the changes and measure the improvement

Do this over a month, maybe one thing a week and you’ll be amazed at the improvements.

And if you’re not sure how to do this, then give us a call.

You know it makes business sense.