Launched in 2009 by two battle-hardened business veterans, we’re now a fully-resourced team of troubleshooters.

We know the pain and frustration you’re in. We have the scars on our backs, the miles on the clock and are ready to jump in and pull you out of that shitstorm.

We know it, you know it; it’s all about execution, getting things done. Fixing trouble so it stays fixed.

We see our task as liberating the city under siege. Get in, identify the trouble, lock, load and shoot. Repair the infrastructure so shit starts working like it should.

Then we get the hell out of there and head to the next battle zone.

Be honest! – Straight Talking!

If we are not honest – we can’t help you
If we can’t help you –  we’ll be honest! We’ll give it to you straight
If you come to us with insane goals – we’ll tell you
If you need help beyond our pay grade – we’ll tell you
If you are the problem – we’ll tell you
If someone else is the problem – we’ll tell you

Don’t talk about doing the thing – Do the thing!

We have the battle scars and a few bruised knuckles
We run into the blazing building when everyone else is running out
We solve the problems, we jump into the mess and then head out when the battle is over

Face the challenges head on.

We don’t shy away from difficult problems or the controversial. That’s what we fix first
Most problems are caused by letting shit stew on the back burner for way too long
We dig up all the dead bodies
We talk about the elephant in the room
It’s amazing what an open conversation can do!
We get your people on the same page making them a part of the solution

Save the small talk

When you’re in the business of fixing broken shit – there’s no time for small talk.
We talk to you – We talk to your people – We listen
It’s about blasting through the obstacles, getting past the bullshit, killing the excuses, identifying the challenges and getting to a point where we can have a productive conversation

We will never leave you in the trenches on your own, no matter what the problem.

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Fergus Doyle

Very process and systems driven. Before Business Troubleshooting, much of his experience was in the bearpit of the electronics manufacturing sector in Silicon Valley. His key strengths include organisational change, strategic development and implementing lean (and mean) practices.
The straight talker

Alan Jordan

Has borne arms in many different arenas and wearing a number of hats: Sales Director, Operations Director, Business Owner and Country Manager. In each he demonstrated his gift for navigating effortlessly through complex challenges. Don’t let his easy-going demeanour mislead you, he’s raised hell in more than a few places.

24/7 Answering Service


We Will Call You Back, Next Business Day

24/7 Answering Service


We Will Call You Back, Next Business Day