Business Growth is Simple – It’s about making decisions

Business Growth is Simple – It’s about making decisions

It might sound simple, it might even sound straight forward. In truth it’s about both, but the missing link is that it’s not easy. If it were easy we’d all be doing it, right? As owners of business if we were to take an “objective” view of the things we do, I think we would see that we take too much time in making decisions.

In times of a Global Pandemic it can be easy to blame external forces, for not making decisions or changes in your business. However now is the exact time to be making decisions. Your Business and your employees need you.

Does any of the following sound familiar:

–          “I don’t have enough information yet……”

–          “I don’t have enough time……”

–          “There isn’t enough cash to do that……”

–         “It’s not the right time”

All true, all very real, but let me give you some more insight. It’s been our experience that for business owners there never is enough information, time or money to do anything. Depending on the piles of research on how many business decisions made end up being “right”, the statistics say as few as 60% are correct.

Flip a coin on any decision and you’ll end up pretty close. If you are waiting for enough information, the answer is you will very rarely, if ever have enough. With all the time constraints on those of us running busy businesses there is never enough time and if you are waiting on cash to arrive to help out, well……

So what unblocks us?

Things begin to move when we start taking decisions. Start with little ones. Put targets in place, “I’ll do this by then…..” and when “then” arrives make the decision with what information you have. Don’t bankrupt your company by wasting money, but our experience has been that cash and resources find their way to a good idea, never the other way around.

The best companies enable and empower their staff to make decisions at the low levels and in doing so allow the MD/Owner to focus on the big decisions. Ensure you are delegating projects and tasks to your staff.

In your list of “To-Do’s” today, right down one decision that you will make before the end of the day, and do it!

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