Execution: The Discipline of getting things Done

Execution: The Discipline of getting things Done

When SMEs see articles by Steve Jobs, Geoff Bezos in Amazon or hear what Google or Facebook are doing there is a tendency to say well that’s them. Look at the resources they have , the teams the money blah blah blah.

Here are 15 recurring themes…. from books on getting things done, over the line, finished, completed on schedule on time and within budget

  1. Never launch an initiative unless you’re personally committed to it.
  2. Focus your organisation on the few (3-4) most crucial priorities.
  3. At any given moment, focus fully on the one task that is the single most important thing you could do right now.
  4. Get used to making distinctive, tough, and decisive choices, remembering that sometimes it’s OK to be an autocrat.
  5. Spell out the specific action tasks in writing.
  6. Insist on robust dialogue. Who are the naysayers and non-believers and why?
  7. Break your strategy down into manageable near-, medium- and long-term goals – and make all the pieces fit by
  8. using plans, schedules, budgets, and controls.
  9. Follow up like crazy without driving people crazy.
  10. Keep asking: “So what’s the next action?
  11. Have the courage and emotional fortitude to tackle non-performers.
  12. Don’t keep options open – avoid analysis paralysis.
  13. Never finish a meeting without clarifying what the follow-through will be, who will do it, when and how they will do it, what resources they will use.
  14. Inspect what you expect – If it’s important, measure it:
  15. Develop contingency plans – consider unexpected scenarios and have back-up plans in place.
Fergus Doyle

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