How To Get Your Employee To Follow You

How To Get Your Employee To Follow You

business consultantThe “Holy-Grail” of successfully managing an organisation. More than 60% of the time we find during our discussions with employees that they don’t know the Vision of the business. As a business consultant we’ll ask a simple question “What’s the Vision of the business?” – the answers vary – a bit of this, a bit of that, but rarely a clear, simple statement.

So why is that? Typically every MD/CEO will have an opinion of the Vision of the business, to some it is crystal clear, to others it’s an aspiration. Where it most often falls down is in the creation and communication of what the business stands for and what the business is trying to accomplish or achieve.

Your employees must know where you want the business to go, what it stands for, why you do what you do as a business. It is imperative that they know how they fit into that plan. If you do not have their engagement then you are wasting your time. A business consultant can help out here.

Why is any of this important? Anyone we have spoken to about this topic thinks that you need huge effort by everyone in the organisation to result in a significant lift in your business performance. It might stagger you but an increase of 3-5% effectiveness for each and every employee can lift the business output by more than 20%. This also applies in sales growth.

To get this type of lift you need your employee’s engagement in what you are trying to do. Spending time with business consultants can reap significant rewards here. They need to feel ownership of their part. They must feel valued. Their contribution must be appreciated.

Spend a little time with your team. Have them involved as much as possible in the creation of your Vision, let them see how they can contribute, you’ll be amazed at the effort they will put in in return.

Fergus Doyle

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