Hire A Person For Their Attitude, Passion and Motivation First

Hire A Person For Their Attitude, Passion and Motivation First

Management ConsultancyThat should seem very straight forward, right? But in almost every business we are asked to meet with, there are visible signs of poorly motivated staff who do not have the right attitude. A management consultancy may be able to provide guidance in these cases.

We will ask the question, “how did such and such a person get in the business? Where there is an unhealthy culture we will get all the excuses –you can’t find the right people, you can’t afford top quality staff, they somehow magically changed after they started. These are what they are – excuses. In fact these kinds of answers are passing the buck. People arrive in a business because the get hired and they get hired by you or one of your staff. Could a management consultancy help you hire better? Where we find a balanced culture and an openness to change there is an acceptance that the recruiting process was not as robust as it could have been. Does this affect growth, profitability and productivity? Absolutely.

Attitude, passion and motivation win out in almost every situation. Clearly a person must have some basic smarts, but once that has been identified than you are off to a good start. If in the interview or selection process, whether or not you work with a management consultancy, you can identify who has the fire in their belly, a passion for the role, the attitude to get the job done. There is one clear point you must take from these few paragraphs – you cannot put the passion into someone if they don’t have it. If your gut is telling you at the interview that something is wrong, then it is wrong. If you think you will change them when they start you won’t, so don’t kid yourself.

Do you always hire the right attitude?

Fergus Doyle

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