It’s all about the People

It’s all about the People

When we’re out there Troubleshooting, we find that the conversation with business owners invariably steers back to the “employee” and issues with managing or communicating with them.

“The staff are not committed – How do I change that?”
“They don’t seem to give a damn”
“They don’t get where I’m trying to bring the business”

For your business to be successful it is essential to have a strong, happy and trust-worthy team behind you.

Entrepreneurs are not the best qualified to manage people, and employees will never understand or appreciate what it takes to run a business, but that said, we find that there are 3 main things an employee wants to know:

1. What do you want me to do?
2. How does that fit into the big picture?
3. Am I doing a good job?

You can read all the “self-help” books around people management, discussing these 3 simple things on a quarterly basis makes a huge difference.

As the owner, of course you’re pulled from pillar to post, being dragged in every direction, maybe even pulling what’s left of your hair out with frustration. But make this simple change:

– Get your list of employees
– If you’re not doing regular 1:1’s with them, schedule a 30min coffee with each of them once a quarter
– Be clear:
o  Here’s what the business needs you to do
o  Here’s how it fits into the grand plan
o  You’re doing this great and here’s what I’d like you to improve

Make the time, your people need structure & feedback.

If the thoughts of all that is a head-melter, and you’d sooner put your arm into a wood-chipper, it’s probably worth a cup of coffee, give us a shout.

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