How Do You Know You Have An Unhealthy Sales Culture?

How Do You Know You Have An Unhealthy Sales Culture?

Sales ConsultantWhether you use sales consultants or not, functioning, healthy sales teams have a few key attributes:

–          There is healthy rivalry within the team

–          There is a passion about the product and the direction of the company

–          The vast majority of your customers pay on time

–          Barring the odd exception all of your sales team are hitting their sales targets

–          Your sales team socialise outside of work

So it’s probably blindingly obvious that the opposite of any of the above will mean you have a lees than optimal sales environment. Take the healthy rivalry. Is there a sense in your business that while there is joking you find that there can be a bit more venom attached when directed to one or two specific employees. A Sales consultant can often help identify these issues. Growth, Profitability & Productivity are key metrics of a functioning sales culture.

A big one for a broken sales culture is how many of the reps are making target. In a functioning sales team the statistics are:

–          10% – 15% of sales people miss their target by 25% or more

–          70% – 80% of sales people make their target i.e. reach >90% – <110% of their target

–          10% -15% of sales people far exceed their target i.e. achieve >110% of their target

Take a critical look at your team does the team generally fit into this model, if so then great, if not then you may have a problem that you need to deal with. Working with our sales consultants will remedy any of these problems.

An often overlooked indication of a poor sales culture is that an unusually large part of your customer base does not pay on time or is reluctant to pay for your product or service.

In short, if you feel that there is an imbalance within your sales team then there is. If you are not making your sales targets then you have a problem that needs to be addressed. All of these problems and challenges are addressable and fixable.

What have you found creates a healthy sales culture?

Fergus Doyle

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