Managing Through This Mess – Part 4 of 5 – How We Sell Must Now Change

Managing Through This Mess – Part 4 of 5 – How We Sell Must Now Change

One thing that is abundantly clear is that the way your customer buys your product and the way you deliver it has changed and from discussions with our customers it will never fully return to the way it was.

There is a decent argument to be made that it will somewhat return to how it was but what we definitely know is that:

  • Home working that was “a nice to have benefit” will now form the structure of how a lot of businesses will operate in the future – where is your opportunity to leverage that?
  • Businesses that fought the “online” revolution must now develop or expand their mechanism of enabling their customer purchase through technology and efficiently deliver your product using technology
  • How sales used to be made has changed for good. If your sales happen through a team in the Field, that has changed, maybe not gone totally but has dramatically changed, how can you leverage that
  • The one thing this crisis has identified is “I will buy, make, sell” the essentials, not the nice to haves, so where does that leave your business?

What to do:

  • The dust will settle over the next week or so and you will have more or an abundance of “Time” that you probably didn’t have before this. How you spend it is important
  • The Web is full of noise at the moment about the virus. One thing that is clear is that there are industries that are growing at a phenomenal rate through this time of crisis. How is your industry responding, how can you leverage that and come to the fore?
  • Explore what sectors are growing during this mess, how can you use those learnings and lessons?
  • The market you serve is adjusting, leverage the lessons from businesses in other countries/markets that are now recovering and see how their learnings can apply to your business

No doubt you’ve heard the line “if I was starting again, I wouldn’t start from here”. You now have the opportunity to put some of that into practice, where would you start from?.

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