Marketing – Talking Your Customers Language

Marketing – Talking Your Customers Language

management consultingPicture this for a second, you’re asked by someone (let’s say a prospect) “so Mike, what do you guys do?” Now I know you think the answer is simple, right, but here are some of the stock answers:

“We have the most technologically advanced blah-blah-blah……”

“Out technicians and engineers have 10,000 years’ experience between them blah-blah-blah……”

“In our industry we are seen as blah-blah-blah……”

….you get the picture.

Now I know your business does not suffer this, but ask yourself the question…..what’s your answer, be honest now, does it sound anything like the above quotes. You’re not alone, most businesses do and as a result your sales people are saying the exact same thing which makes you sound like everyone else in your industry.

As a management consulting firm, we find that the leading companies in every industry sound different, and how do the sound different? They speak the language of their customer. Their words and sentences answer the problems of their customer.

If you sell B2B, whether small, medium or large and if you are talking to the higher-ups they talk of increasing sales, making more profit, reducing costs, increasing quality levels.

Now think of your language, your marketing message – does it answer any of these problems. If it does great, if it doesn’t then you need to take a look at it and get language that speaks and resonates with your customer. Our management consulting firm can help you to understand the feedback you get when ask your customer:

–          why they buy from you

–          what makes you different

–          what is the positive impact on them or their business by working with you

It could be as simple as “I don’t get any calls on the weekends because of you guys”, “I sleep better”, “I got that promotion”….

In short get out and talk with your customer, let them give you the pearls that you can use in your marketing material. Communicate this valuable information with your employees including sales, Ops and customer service.