Our Troubleshooters

If you like straight talking, if you’re open to unbiased direct feedback, we might be a good fit.

The team we have put together have the battle scars of decades in running businesses, the bruised knuckles, the gashes over the eyes, the scars in the backs.

We're not the usual BS merchants you might have come across in the past.


    Fergus Doyle

    Very process and systems driven individual. Prior to Business Troubleshooting, most of Fergus’ experience was gained in the electronics manufacturing sector in Silicon Valley. Key strengths he brings to the party are, organisational change management, strategic development and implementing Lean philosophies. Would be known as a very straight talking animal.

    Alan Jordan

    Alan has worn many hats in his career – sales, operations, trainer, marketer, business owner, country manager. As a result he has a wonderful ability to manage projects and to navigate complex challenges effortlessly. Above all else his mantra is “If you’re not having some craic in your business then why are you doing it?”

    Camillus O’Brien

    By his own admission “The ultimate goal of a business – indeed the only goal – is to make money”, fairly straight forward really.

    In the world of marketeers Camillus has a rare talent to deliver a measurable, tangible return on investment on all marketing spend. He brings a fresh and uplifting approach to business development, eliminating the waffle and jargon often used by marketing folks.

    Fergus Flanagan

    A commercially driven leader of change management through people engagement. All of his experience has been gained at the “coal face”.

    He sits comfortably seeking to understand complex business challenges, whether that is trying to get agreement with a key supplier or customer, or if that is redesigning how an organisation needs to shift to achieve the business strategy. He’s a very safe pair of hands.