SME Recovery Budget Submission 2020

SME Recovery Budget Submission 2020

SME Recovery Ireland is a platform representing the small and medium business sector in
Ireland incorporated to ensure the policy response to the Covid pandemic is designed to
succeed for small business. The sector employs 65% of the total national workforce and
accounts for 99.8% of total active enterprises.

They have just released their submission to the Government for Budget 2020.

Some of the most important elements of the submission are summarised below:

  1. All interest rates should be waived on warehoused PAYE/PRSI.
  2. A fast track arbitration service for small businesses to negotiate a reduction in small business rent should be introduced.
  3. A fast track Examinership Lite model should be introduced in January 2021.
  4. Building Long-term SME Resilience
  5. The introduction of a National Agency for Small Business.

Read the Full Submission here SME Recovery Budget Submission 2020

Extract from the document:

“As the Government works to finalise and publish its National Economic Plan and the 2021
Budget, the approach adopted must be based on the need to reboot the entire SME sector and
not merely a smaller sub section of it and find a way for it to navigate choppy waters in an
already perilous state.

Financial resilience in the SME sector can only be built with the right blend of policies to create a financially strong and sustainable SME sector.

The State must ensure that the SME sector does not fail as a result of the pandemic, a natural disaster not of the making of the SME sector. It should implement, with immediate effect, streamlined governance structures to ensure a coordinated consultative response by government, agencies, and SME representative bodies.”

The Business Troubleshooters have been heavily involved in SME recovery from the start and are fully behind their submission for Budget 2020. We have been supporting SMEs for over 10 years & will continue to do so in the future.

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