Managing Through This Mess – Part 5 of 5 – Survival Plan in Place and Executed, But What Now?

Managing Through This Mess – Part 5 of 5 – Survival Plan in Place and Executed, But What Now?

This week for our Customers and fellow Business Owners has been tortuous, traumatic, overwhelming and very damaging.

Go easy on yourself. No one predicted this, you did nothing wrong. This damn virus has levelled the playing field and regardless of status, background or creed, it sees us and treats us all the very same.

Cash still remains the focus as this provides the runway for your business so don’t take your eye of that ball.

I mentioned in “Part 4” of this series that from next week for most Small Business Owners, you will have more or an abundance of time on your hands. After you decompress, one of the big questions that will be running around your head will be, “What do I do now?”.

So, indeed “What do you do now?”

  • Businesses will survive and come back strong, ‘cause that’s what makes us “Small Business Owners” who we are. Above everything we are survivors and adapters
  • Businesses in whatever sector you serve will survive and thrive. They will no doubt change, adjust, turn, pivot, but the majority will survive. The great thing is that you can be one of them
  • “If I was starting again, I wouldn’t start from here” – so you don’t have to start “from here”
  • Now that you have downtime spend some of it thinking about what you can do that is different. When you are talking with you Customers, ask them what and how they would like to deal with you and your business differently in the future, get ideas from other business pals, contacts, etc. Give them some ideas for their business.
  • How can you adjust what you do to serve the market better and faster?
  • How can you leverage technology?
  • What “thing” were you thinking of doing before this mess, but didn’t have the time. Well now you have the time

I could ramble, but in short do not waste this crisis to do the things you know you should be doing. Be one of the one’s who come out of this thing stronger.

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