Is it time to clear house and make changes?

Is it time to clear house and make changes?

Management Consulting

How would you know? Would it be worth it?

If you are into doing work in the garden than you’ll be more than familiar with the concept of pruning plants, fruit trees, etc. Why do you prune, because you know it benefits the future growth and quality of the plant?

So why don’t we apply the same philosophy to our business? If you were to take a critical look at your business does it not seem apparent, maybe even glaringly obvious that you need to take some kind of action to create or improve growth? Could a Management Consulting Firm help you with that?

Look at the different parts of your business:

–          Sales

–          Stock

–          Products

–          People

–          Processes

What parts are out dated, jaded, have not seem improvements in years. A good Management Consulting firm could help out. That pile of old stock that you’re hanging on to because “someone might need it someday”, those long standing customers who you make no money from but they cause you the most problems. Think of the constant margin erosion of those old product ranges that you have not changed in years killing your profitability.

Go back to the simple philosophy of pruning, you don’t cut the tree down from just above the roots, no you first clip off the dead wood, the broken limbs, and so on. The same is true for your business. A Management Consulting firm can help. Start small. Start with the things you know are wrong or could be better this will help productivity. Make small adjustments or changes. Measure, adjust, and move forward. If you don’t know what to look for ask for help. The worst thing you could do is do nothing. At least if you try to do something different there is a good chance that your business will end up somewhere better than it is right now.

Fergus Doyle

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