What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

…..let that settle into your mind for a minute!Problems Solved

I hear the answers lining up now. “We sell websites”, “We sell office suppliers”, “We are accountants”, “We are widget makers…..” the list goes on. Your customer is continuously asking “is my supplier solving a problem or giving me a problem?”

Think of the folks who supply your business with goods and services. I’m sure when you think of a provider to your business there are a number of questions that get answered – yes they must be cost competitive, but that’s almost a given.

There are far more in depth questions that we look for answers to  like – are they dependable, will they go the extra mile, do I feel like they have our best interests or are the serving their own.

Now step back a minute and think of your business product or service – “What Problem Are You Solving For Your Customer?”. The very second  you look at it from this angle you can now differentiate, be different, add value and it gives your offering an advantage to go talk to your existing customers and also an angle to talk with new prospects.

Go talk to your best customers – they are the ones who like what you do, spend the most with you and are most likely to refer you to others. Ask them why they buy from you and why they won’t go to your competitors?