What stops Sales Reps from messing up?

What stops Sales Reps from messing up?

It’s a complete head-wreck. In owner managed businesses you, the MD, are the rainmaker. You got up and went out and “got the business”. It’s one of your biggest strengths, but it has one big downfall, you expect every other sales individual to do the same and be like you.

The short answer is they are not, and they won’t be like you, because if they were like you, they would be running their own business.

So you have to treat them differently. You instinctively, by luck or through sheer blood, sweat and tears have figured out your market, what problem your product or service solves and have managed to wrap it in language that your customer gets.

Your shiny new Sales Rep needs structure. You will have to explain to them the benefits of your products, who the target is, what problem your product solves and why the customer should by.

Even the thought of doing this exercise probably makes your stomach churn. After all, they are bloody sales professionals. They should know what they need to do….right? Wrong!

They need training, support and structure, coupled with some healthy targets and a dose of management for them to be successful, which will ultimately take a load of your shoulders.

So get on and do it yourself or give us a bell and we’ll sort it out for you. 059-91-00440

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