Why Don’t We Manage Our People?

Why Don’t We Manage Our People?

It sounds funny, doesn’t it?

You spend all that time advertising, looking at CV’s, interviewing and then hiring our newest recruits. They arrive

Manage People

and the honeymoon begins. Then something changes, things are not going along as you’d expected, tasks are not getting completed, the good job they were once doing is now turning into a bad job. Before you know it you are having the inevitable chat to say, “there’s the door”. The investment alone to get someone appointed between time and effort can be €20k-€30k, and then there is the salary you’ve been paying them and then the re-hiring costs.

Where did it all go wrong? First take a step back, employees (for the most part) just want to come into work, do the job and go home. The majority of them will never set the world alight. But all need to know where they fit into the organisation, what’s expected of them and that they are given direction if they are not doing the right job for us.

For some reason the amount of Owner Managers who don’t manage their employees is alarming. Typical answers you’ll hear:

– “they should know what to do”

– “if I have to tell them what to do why do I have them here”

– “there’s no time to manage them!”

The simple answers are:

– You have to tell them what to do, or they’ll do it their way….which isn’t your way

– Getting your employees to do 3-4% more every week is much better than you doing another 1hr of work in your week, where you don’t have time

– You need to become a better manager

You’re business needs stability, focus and direction. You’re the only one who can do it and it starts by guiding and managing your staff. You can be a busy fool or you can invest some time learning how to better manage your staff. The numbers are simple – It will cost €20k-€30k to rehire a position. Getting each of your staff to do 2-4% more will give you so much time back in your week to drive your business forward.