Why You need Everyone Pulling Together, Not Pulling Apart?

Why You need Everyone Pulling Together, Not Pulling Apart?

The frustration every Owner Mangers head is melted with is, “why don’t they do what they are supposed to do?”. You hired them to do “such and such” and they’re not doing it. They are running around like headless chickens. Managing them is like herding cats.

Love it or hate it employees are hard-wired to follow the leader. You’re not built like that, but they are. You go out and make the rain, they need direction, managing, motivation, handholding, and all the Bull-crap that goes with man management. You’d prefer they just got on with it.

If you don’t get used to that idea, every day will be like trying to push water uphill. You’ll get more frustrated, annoyed, lose your mind.

If there is any secret to managing people, it’s knowing that for the most part employees want to be part of a team. The reason the came to work for you is that at the start, is your team sounded cool, sounded like there was a better future with you and your business. But you want them to just come and work, being part of a TEAM was a bit of a side attraction to the main gig.

If you’re struggling with any of the above head wrecking stuff, then most likely you don’t have key lieutenants in your ranks. These are folks within your team that probably come in a bit earlier than everyone else, probably stay a little longer than others, they probably care a bit more about the business.

The 3 most important things any employee needs to hear to become more engaged is:

  • What do you want me to do?
  • How am I doing?
  • How does what I do make an impact or make difference in the business?

If you nail these key bits, and continuously engage, yes that is engage, not lecture them, then your team will start to pull together, and you will see immediate positive improvements that will drive your business forward.

If you can do this yourself great, if not give us a rattle on 059-91-00440 and we’ll sort it.

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